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Lifting Keels

Bristolian 120" Phillip Briand Designed

Bristolian Keel Undergoing 1006
NDT Third Party Inspection

Lifting keel for 120" Phillip Briand Designed Bristolian fabricated in stainless steel SAF 2205 Keel and 34T Cast Anitmonial lead bulb. Check out the Launch and Keel Fitting at &


                   Fitting Keels Guides                          Test Running with Dummy

Liara II
            Assembly                                Extended                                   Retracted  
                                           Dixon 100 Lifting Keel Frame 

 Liara II wins "The Design and Technology Award" for the innovative lifting keel Read More

 Beau Geste Farr 80 FT Ocean Racer, Fabricated HT Plate Keel and 12T Bulb